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In the Worlds before Monkey,
Primal chaos reigned, Heaven sought order.
But the Phoenix can fly only when its feathers are grown.
The four worlds formed again and yet again,
As endless eons wheeled and passed.
Time and the pure essences of Heaven,
The moistures of the Earth,
And the powers of the Sun and the Moon
All worked upon a certain rock - old as Creation,
And it magically became fertile.
That first egg was named Thought,
Tathagata Buddha, the Father Buddha,
Said, 'With our thoughts we make the world.'
Elemental forces caused the egg to hatch,
from it then came a stone Monkey.
The nature of Monkey was irrepressible!

Just Added!

Episode 4 (Monkey Swallows the Universe) and Episode 5 (The Power of Youth) have just been added to the Episode Guide.

Why ?

I loved Monkey! first time around, and I've just recently had the opportunity to watch it again. I can remember rushing home from school to watch it.

Monkey in the Sacred Peach Garden

Monkey! (known as Saiyuuki in Japanese) was first shown on British TV in the late 1970's. Based on an epic Chinese tale. It's mixture of comedy, Asian mysticism and at least one fight scene every episode. It tells the tale of a Buddhist priest's (Tripitaka) quest to bring the Greater holy scriptures from India to China.

Tripitaka's journey is equally helped and hindered by his 4 "holy" disciples - Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy and a horse called Yu-Lang (that's actually a dragon).

Monkey admires the magic wishing staff

By today's standards the production values were poor and it isn't very politically correct. However, I just loved every minute of it!

So, for all those who bruised knuckles and blackened eyes reenacting the Monkey! fight scenes - This site is for you!


Monkey finds out just where he comes in the ranks of heaven i.e. The very bottom


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